Friends of Malawi Board members visit Kapiri School

Sunday January 13, 2019

Fides and Beth Evans were able to visit Kapiri School to deliver, textbooks, school supplies, Likuni phala, and crutches. FOM should continue to fund this school!!!
WE left bales of Likuni phala for the Mzoma nursery school. WE left a suitcase of hospital supplies and 6 cartons of medicines, scalpel with 50 reusable blades, O2 monitor, insulin, etc., at Embangweni Hospital.

MLambe hospital got the same surgical instruments and treatment for diarrhea a major cause of infant mortality.
Supplied, girl’s netball team; with uniforms in Kasungu. We also provided a bicycle for women at the Mzoma nursery.

To learn more about what is happening at the Kapiri school – check out their website with more blog posts and pictures of their SUCCESS


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