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Part of Africa ‘s Great Rift Valley , Malawi is landlocked between Tanzania (to the north and east), Zambia (to the west) and Mozambique (to the south), covering nearly 118,500 square km (roughly the size of Pennsylvania ). The country is dominated by Lake Malawi , the third largest lake in Africa , which runs nearly the entire length of Malawi from North to South. In fact, nearly 20% of Malawi is its great lake. The Shire River flows out of Lake Malawi at the southern end, running in to Lakes Malombe and Chirwa and finally emptying in to the great Zambezi River in Mozambique .

Where have you been in Malawi?


The three major languages in Malawi are Chichewa, Chitimbuka and Chiyao—all from the Bantu language group. Chichewa, the language of the Chewa tribe, is taught to all students in elementary school. Chitimbuka is the language of the northern-based Timbuka tribe, although some Timbuka along the lakeshore speak Chitonga. Chiyao is spoken by the Yao tribe, who reside along the southern lakeshore. (As you may have noticed, the language’s name derives from the tribe’s name plus the prefix “chi”—which means “language”). In addition, English is an official language and is widely spoken, especially in towns and major cities. Many other languages are spoken on a regional basis, most of them closely related to one of the three major languages.




“What makes Malawi music so special and deserving of greater interest is the way it has absorbed other influences into its musical traditions, making them their own.”

-Lucius Banda (well-known Malawian musician and politician)


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