Project Update – Malawi Education Foundation (MEF) Preschool Project

Friday September 25, 2020

This is an update on the Malawi Education Foundation (MEF) Preschool project that FOM has funded and the school building is complete as well as two Toilet blocks (not shown in photo).

Now that the Covid-19 virus is here, we have been delayed in starting up the school for children to come.  However, I am told by the MEF school Director, Mr. Foster Gopani that the Malawian government has approved schools to open.

Now that the building works have been completed we are focused on community outreach to encourage parents to register their children at the school.  We got a fantastic response with 57 families coming, yet sadly our initial limit will be 30 students due to the operational costs and logistics as we start up.

My personal funds will be providing the student supplies for each term (copy book, pencils, etc) and the daily food plan.  We are serving the children tea, sugar and milk each day with a variety of boiled eggs, rice porridge, bread or mandazi.

School will be in session from 8am – Noon and we have two teachers and a staff worker to prepare meals and clean.   We are very focused on hand washing and cleanliness.

Parents were asked to provide a white/grey uniform with red sweater, as Dowa can sometimes be a little chilly.   We will have three terms each term is three months and a 5,000 MK fee for each term per child will be charged.

We are preparing to get underway on September 14, 2020 and without the help from Friends of Malawi this opportunity for the children would not be possible. Thank you FOM for your support and financial help.

Eugene Caruso

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