RPCV from 1990 assists with a pre-school English language learning environment

Sunday January 13, 2019

Since serving in Malawi as a PVC 90-92′ it was always a vision to create a pre-school English language learning environment for the youngest of learners when they are at their prime in absorbing the world around them.

Finally in Sept 2016, just a little overdue, I was able to self-funded the project to start construction of the pre-school facility. Over the next 2 1/2 years I implemented the construction with Mr. Foster Gopani who is the in country project director.  We procured the land, brought water to the site, and completed the concrete footings and the masonry base walls during that time.  Then in Feb. 2018, the FOM provided the project a grant of $5,000 and we stipulated the construction would be completed by Dec. 2018.   After expending the FOM grant provided, as you can see from the photo we achieved great success, though there are still a few finishing details to be done.

It was a learning process for me generating a budget, estimates of materials, transportation expenses and labor all was very much a moving target though I feel that we constructed a quality building, which to my beliefs, is just one small component of establishing a Pre-school in Dowa.  I am anticipating having the final phase of construction finishes completed and prepare a new budget for functional use by potential students and hope to have activity at the school by November, 2019.

Please let me know if you need any further specific details and if the photo is adequate. Thank you again for your contribution and the FOM grant, both have been invaluable to the success of the project.  I am preparing the budget reconciliation details for FOM and look forward to a continued partnership.

Thank you

Eugene Caruso


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