Success Primary School in Kapiri, Mchinji Utilizes Friends of Malawi Grant for COVID Awareness

Friday October 8, 2021

Thanks to a generous grant from Friends of Malawi, Success Primary School, a private primary school that provides integrated education for orphans, students with disabilities, and traditional students, has embarked on a series of anti-Covid initiatives.  These initiatives include training for teachers and staff on prevention and mitigation, lessons for learners to encourage them to reduce the spread, the creation of sanitation stations around campus, mask purchases, and more!

In consultation with the Ministry of Education, local leaders, parents’ groups, teachers, and other community stakeholders, Success is fully re-opened and education its 300+ students every weekday.  Although things have changed in Malawi, the school tries to provide both normalcy and routine.  Students are learning, teachers are still employed, and parents know that their kids are at a safe, thoughtful school getting a quality education.

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