Update from PC Malawi Country Director Amber Lucero-Dwyer

Saturday October 9, 2021

We had to pause our programming in July due to the onset of the third COVID (Delta variant) wave in order to keep our staff and communities safe. During this time in which we have not been able to travel to the field, we have working on our internal operations, specifically aligning our training curricula to meet a new standard of outcome competencies.

Now that the third wave is subsiding, we are preparing to restart our programming, which will include HIV prevention (Grassroots Soccer) and activities to support COVID vaccine education and demand creation. Additionally, we’ll be visiting our communities to continue site preparation for the return of PCVs.

As for our timeline for the return of PCVs, I am sorry that I cannot give you specifics. Our return strategy is conditions-based, not time-based, so we must wait for conditions in Malawi to be conducive to the safe return of Volunteers. We all hope that will happen as soon as is possible!

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